Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So many of you may know about me committing myself to the Susan G. Komen's 3Day for the Cure, 60 mile walk, that's right I said 60 mile, as in 6-0, in November. If you didn't know this, you can go here to read my personal story as to why I have decided to make this huge committment.

Anyways, walking 60 miles in 3 days is insane but it's all for a great cause! Although when I am done on day 3 and I have blisters the size of quarters I might just have to put the blame on my sister~in~law(SIL), Ambrosia!

Now I have been tryin' to prepare myself for this amazing journey by training. I have yet to be able to do all the miles they require in the training schedule week by week, but I have been walking! I have been walking with my team and also with.........MY HUSBAND!

When I first decided to do this walk, I got the vibe from my husband that he didn't really care. Boy was I wrong! He has been by my side thru all of this and he has been such a great motivator. There are times that I just don't have the motivation to go on my training walk and there he is saying, "You going walking today?" Then I feel like I have to go walk or else he will think I am slacking. Well, one night I asked him if he wanted to join me on my training walk. I had to walk 4 miles that night. He said yes! So we loaded up the kids. We put JL in the stroller and put Jaycee in the 'cozy rider' and off we went.

These 4 miles that we walked that night were great. We just talked and talked and talked. We don't do that too often but it was great to catch up with each other. I mean we talk and all, but when you are walking 4 miles, you got nothing else to do. I loved walking and talking with him. I loved it even more that he was supporting me with this 60 mile walk that I am preparing myself for. He even told me that we should start walking to go get our groceries. :) So now whenever I get the chance, I ask him to go walking with me. ♥

Not only does my husband support me in walking, but he is even all about PINK! If we go to the store and he sees something that has the pink breast cancer ribbon on it he will pick it up. I ordered a pink breast cancer bag and he stole it from me and uses it for work. Yep....had to order another one since he won't give me that one back. He even wears a "I love Boobies" pink bracelet from keepabreast.com when he is not at work. He is just as into this as I am even though he might not admit it. The best part.......a few weekends ago, I hosted a "Wii Open Tennis Tourney~ment". Everyone had to pick a partner and dress in team uniforms. John was of course my partner and I asked him if he would wear anything that I decided on. He said, "Sure!" I said, "Even if it's pink?" and he responded with, "yeah, I don't care!" So here was our uniforms.
We were all "PINKED" out and our team name was Wii~Hope! (as in we hope for to find a cure for breast cancer) We wore pink shirts, pink socks, pink headbands, and pink wristbands with the breast cancer ribbon on them! I thought for sure John wouldn't go for the uniforms, but he was all about them! I just L♥VE him! 

I couldn't have asked for a better motivator and support system. I definetely know that John will be by my side the whole way. I look forward to the many more training walks ahead with him and I am hoping that he will be able to go up to Phoenix during the event and cheer me on!


  1. Great blog friend! I love how onboard Duncan is with this whole thing! Its awesome to have that kind of support from your man!

    I'll totally take the blame for the blisters! I'm just blessed that you are doing the walk with me <3

  2. YAY! I love this blog.. everything about it. It made my heart smile reading about John being so supportive. The picture is great!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!

  3. LOVE everything! Yourfamily is so beautiful, love ya girl.


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