Monday, December 6, 2010

25 Random Things....

My SIL did a blog like 2 weeks ago which consisted of 25 random things about her. She decided to give some of her bloggy friends a challenge to do it themselves and I just happened to be one of those friends. Here goes nothing........

I'm a very tall person but I l♥ve to wear heels

Deep down inside I wish I could be a stay at home mom who could craft all day {don't see that anytime in the near future}

Would like to move away from Sierra Vista and experience something else with my family

I hate shaving my legs

I love dressing up for Halloween

I like my job even though sometimes it can be a little boring

Favorite sandwich is PB&J...YUMMY!
 {Can I have one right now please?}

I'm addicted to Facebook & Frontierville
{All at once now, "Hi Kelly!"}

This is only number 9???Really?
My favorite number is 7.

I want to start working out again but am having a hard time getting motivated.

Hates cooking

I want a whole new wardrobe.

I love to clean....yep, I said it. Especially when I get in the super cleaning mood and want to do everything!

Would like to learn how to take really good pictures. :)

I love to play board games, especially with a big group of friends

I sometimes get irritated too easily and by the littlest things

I love making "To~Do" Lists

I would rather text message people than talk on the phone

I have a shopping problem that involves Target....LOL

I like bright colored post-it notes!

I'm addicted to Air Fresheners. I think Amber said this too! I love my house to smell good.

I would love to go to Hawaii

I love pumpkin spice candles

I always have baby wipes in my purse!

I have a scar under my chin that I got from my mother doing mattress mambo! You wanna know you gotta ask! :)

Hope you all are having a Marvelous Monday! You go ahead and try to write 25 Random things about yourself. It's kind of hard!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Duel in the Desert

This past week, the University of Arizona Wildcats and the Arizona State Scumdevils, oops I mean Sundevils, had their football game against each other. I didn't go to the UofA or to ASU but I have always been a UofA Wildcat fan! My best friend, Laura, graduated from ASU so of course she is a big fan. I always give her and another friend of mine a hard time. I always call them Scumdevils and they respond with "We are going to fork those cats". Blah, blah, blah.
The game was scheduled for December 2nd so I decided it would be fun to start a friendly war. I was putting jokes up on Facebook about ASU and Laura and Dayna would respond. On Monday night I decided to tag Laura's car. I wrote "Go UofA" all over it. I should have waited till later in the night because she had to make an errand and saw it and was able to get it off. :( Tuesday I went out to her classroom and a friend of mine & I decorated her door with a whole bunch of UofA cutouts and streamers. I even colored her ladybug rock white and put a UofA "A" on it. It was a low blow but needed to be done. I didn't have anything planned for Wednesday night but I should have because when I woke up on Thursday morning, game day, I woke up to my whole front yard decorated like I was the biggest ASU fan. Laura and Dayna had tagged me. It was great! Finally I had gotten something out of them besides just trash talking on Facebook. Good job girls. Here are some pictures of my house.

{Forks all over the front yard}
{The sign hanging on my garage door}

{bush in the front yard}

{BIG sign over both the trucks}

{the wreath that was hanging on my front door}

What a site to wake up to. I was full of smiles! I could not wait for the game tonight! The girls and I headed out to Ricardo's since Laura had to work. Let's just say our bartender took extra good care of us. :)

{Getting started at Ricardo's}

We had to leave Ricardo's around 9 so we headed over to Nick's place to finish watching the game and that way Laura could meet us. The game was getting really intense. Back and forth, double overtime! EEK! I just know I was getting anxiety especially since there was a bet on the line.

So who won?????????????? UGH! UofA lost by one point! point! I couldn't believe it. The UofA kicker should lose his scholarship! Okay maybe not go that far but something needs to happen. Laura and Dayna were SUPER excited of course.

And then there was Tessa & I who were not so happy about losing the game.

We all had a great night but now Tessa & I have to go out in public wearing ASU gear. Totally not looking forward to it but that was the bet for the losing team. Stay tuned for pictures! Let's just hope next year UofA wins!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1st........Already?!?

Am I reading the calendar right? Is today really the 1st of December? Man, where does the time go? This means Christmas is right around the corner! EEK! I haven't done any shopping or even decorated the house. I better put all that on my "To~Do" list! :)

I'm excited to say though.....that throughout the month of December I will be working on this........

{photo taken from}
 A fabulous Countdown to Christmas book! A book where I can jot down my thoughts or add photos all throughout the month of December. I could use it as a journal, a "To~Do" List, or even a card holder. I can do whatever I want with it as long as I remember what Stephanie said....

 "To STOP 5, 10...even 30 minutes or so during the busy days of December so that you can  look around, record your thoughts, snap a picture...and journal about it". 

I'm so excited to start this project today and you could even do it too! Create your own or Stephanie may even have some kits left. Click here to order yours today! Check back in with me throughout this whole month and see how my book is coming along. If you decide to do it too leave me a comment with your blog site so I can see yours as well!

Have a great 1st Day of December and remember.......Be Jolly!