Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

WOW! When is the time going to slow down just a lil bit? We have been going, going, going, and I don't think it's going to slow down anytime soon. Sometimes I feel like I don't have enough time in the day to get things done. I make "To~Do" lists and barely get things checked off. I go to work 8 hours a day, come home unpack JL's packback & Jaycee's diaper bag. We do dinner, baths and then you look at the clock and it's already time for bed. Then I have to wake up in 7 hours and do it all over again. UGH! (Alright, enough of that soap box, time to get on with this blog)

Last Sunday we went to Apple Annie's Pumpkin Patch. It was a great time. We met Amber, Chance & the kids there. JL had a good time. I was a little hesitant at first because it was so crowded but it winded down and we enjoyed it. We took the hayride out to the patch and we told JL that he could get any pumpkin he wanted as long as HE could carry it. It was so funny because he kept trying to go for the big pumpkins and I would ask him if he could carry it. Then he would slowly walk away from that pumpkin. One time he ran over to a BIG pumpkin and I asked him, "can you carry it?" Then he shocked me....he said, "Come on guys team work!" I just l♥ve that kid! So we got 2 pumpkins and were on our way back to the hayride when we found a lil friend. They were all over the place here.

One thing we did this year is cut some sunflowers. These sunflowers were gorgeous & so BIG! You could cut 5 for $5! So of course you know me.....I cut 5!

I have great plans for these sunflowers and the pumpkin I picked out. I just hope it turns out how I envision it. :) If it does I will be sure to show pictures!

Now it was a good thing we met Amber there because with her awesome photography skills she took two really great pictures of Jaycee.

I would have to say they are my favorite and I need to get them printed! (Hint to Miss Ambrosia if you are reading this)

And here is two of my favorite men in my life! ♥

This Photo I took, nothing compared to Amber. ;)
We had a fabulous time together and even took a detour on the way home. My mom got to learn about where John grew up...McNeal & Elfrida area. I was tired and took a nap on the way home because I had lots to do that night. I had to pack mine & JL's things for our BIG surprise adventure the next day. I was taking him to Disneyland for Mickey's Halloween Party and he had no idea. I'll blog about that next as soon as I get all the pictures together. But I will leave you with this for right now.....


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  1. LOVE this post! The pictures of the grass hopper and the sunflower are GREAT! Perfect focus on the hopper girl! I'm so proud <3

    Of course I will give you those photos! I'm glad they came out so good! I just love my sweet Jaycee <3

    I like the photo of JL & Duncan, the only thing I would say is watch your focus points inside the camera. If you look closely you can see that the pumpkins on the right are in focus and the people are not. Its not THAT noticeable, but you will notice it in a print.

    Cant wait to read your blog about your adventure to Disney with JL!!!


Thanks for your sweet words! Hope you have a great day & thanks for stopping by!