Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1st........Already?!?

Am I reading the calendar right? Is today really the 1st of December? Man, where does the time go? This means Christmas is right around the corner! EEK! I haven't done any shopping or even decorated the house. I better put all that on my "To~Do" list! :)

I'm excited to say though.....that throughout the month of December I will be working on this........

{photo taken from}
 A fabulous Countdown to Christmas book! A book where I can jot down my thoughts or add photos all throughout the month of December. I could use it as a journal, a "To~Do" List, or even a card holder. I can do whatever I want with it as long as I remember what Stephanie said....

 "To STOP 5, 10...even 30 minutes or so during the busy days of December so that you can  look around, record your thoughts, snap a picture...and journal about it". 

I'm so excited to start this project today and you could even do it too! Create your own or Stephanie may even have some kits left. Click here to order yours today! Check back in with me throughout this whole month and see how my book is coming along. If you decide to do it too leave me a comment with your blog site so I can see yours as well!

Have a great 1st Day of December and remember.......Be Jolly!


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