Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What a Mess!

OH MY WORD! If I would have known that these would make such a big mess, I would have told the "Easter Bunny" not to put it in John Logan's basket!

I am sitting here messing around on the computer and John Logan says, "Mom, I'm done!" I get up from the computer and go to the back door to let him in and this is what I see....

and it gets even better....John Logan had to have someone to blow the bubbles at....

{Brody of  course!}



There is green-colored gunk all over my back porch. I used water to get some of it washed away, but washing the dogs will have to wait till tomorrow till the husband is home. =]

I can totally see why the website says,

"Wear play clothes when using Colored Bubbles... and never use them at weddings or anywhere people aren't dressed for the mess!"

 Maybe next time we will get the blue! ;]



  1. Wholly cow!
    What the heck was the easter bunny thinking?
    Did this wash out of his clothes?
    HA! thats classic =]
    He at least looks happy!!

  2. It came in "Mommas" Easter basket. I haven't washed his clothes yet...thankfully it washed right off his skin with no stains! =]

  3. I love it! He is soooo adorable. Moments like this are what life is all about :)


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