Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wee Bit Wednesday

I need to get back on this bloggin' train but have been so busy lately. But here we go with Wee Bit Wednesday!

{one} have you ever been stuck in an elevator?
Nope I sure haven't.

{two} have you ever ridden on an elephant?
I have! It was back when I was in elementary school and there was a circus right next to the school. =]

{three} have you ever met a well known celebrity?
like meet as in introduced BUT i have had interaction. meaning pictures with or within feet of famous people at Country Thunder. I got my picture taken with Dierks Bentley. {Ambrosia has that picture} The Zac Brown Band and Little Big Town also came to our campsite!

{four} do you have any food allergies?
Sure don't. Thank goodness.

{five} do you know how to sew?
not the right way or not good at all. Don't ask me to do anything fancy.

{six} did you get an allowance when you were young?
i don't think i did. I just had to do what the parents told me to do.

{seven} how often do you fill up your gas tank?
Depends...sometimes every 2 weeks if the husband is on shift during the work week, if not maybe every 3~4 weeks. Right now i hate filling up...i get raped every time at the gas station. {$3.63 a gallon....really?!?}
{eight} have you ever been stung by a jelly fish?
I have not. Ouch if one of you has.

{nine} have you ever been robbed?
Someone once broke into my car and tried to take my CD player but they were unsuccessful. I would have been really upset if they had taken it.

{ten} what is the worst haircut you’ve ever had?
i can't really remember. I would probably say right when I moved to Tucson around 2003 maybe....and I cut my hair off. It was short. It was fun at the moment but now....eek! Or maybe it was the time when I got bangs!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday. Mine has been good so far. After work it's time to make tu~tus for this weekend. I received my "report for battle" email this morning. I'm so excited.



  1. I had the same thing happen to my car.. they were unsuccessful but did a lot of damage to the dash. It was a pain to deal with!

  2. That's SO cool that you met Dierks Bentley! But, that's great that you didn't get your radio stolen - don't people have anything better to do?

    I found your blog through WBW and it's so cute (I LOVE the pictures on your header - your husband is SO cute!) - I seriously can't wait to read more :)

  3. first of all dierks bentley is hottttt! i seen him in concert once... and man oh man. :) sooo pretty! bahahaha

    well, jacob should have went home last night! =/ i'm still shocked at that!!! I think that James Durbin will win to be honest about it.... but i'd like to see Scotty win... or Lauren! I've loved the both of them from the beginning! i like james... but i'm just not a fan of his style of music. =/

    who do you want to win!!??


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