Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ambrosia's protege'

What an experience! My SIL(Ambrosia) & I decided one Sunday afternoon to go down to Bisbee. I keep telling her that I could be her assistant in her photography business, only if she taught me everything she knows. She is just amazing and God has truly gifted her with the talent of photography. I know that with photography it has to deal with what the photographer sees and how they do the photoshop, it's an art. I know she can't teach me everything, but she can teach me the basics of the camera, certain angles I should do, what to watch out for and what to look for. Anyways back to the point....we were eating lunch at the Bisbee Grille (let me just input was super delicious) and right away, Amber said, "Okay now get out your camera. You need to learn how to set it up and learn the basics." Oh I go. I am a idiot when it comes to cameras and to be honest, they scare me a little if they can do too much or if they are too big. (Amber let me use her old Rebel camera. This one is way bigger than mine and let's just say that after using it....I think I need the husband to buy me one! ♥)

Snappin' away

So I got the camera out and put it together. Took me a few times to get it right, but I got it! Then Amber told me start taking pictures! Um~hello? What did you say? Yeah this is intimidating. Here is this amazing photographer and she wants me to take pictures. Mine are going to be crud compared to hers. I know I am a beginner but I wanted my pictures to be like hers! I want to be able to take great shots! Well, I started snapping away and she caught me in action.

I was taking photos here and there at the dinner table and Amber was being my instructor. I managed to get one good shot of the food I ate.

The Caesar Wrap

Let me just say that this wrap was Oh~So~Yummy! We finished eating and went for our walk around the great lil' town of Bisbee. We took pictures here and there and had just a great time. I managed to take another good picture (out of like the 100 or so I took) and this one was of this snail we happened to find.

Gary the Snail

I learned a lot of things going down to Bisbee with Amber and all while having a a blast. I definitely know that I need to keep the camera more still and wait for the shot to be taken before I move it. DUH....that should have been a given but not for me. I also need to work on the photoshopping part. It just takes time and patience of course.
Now if I get on top of all this.....I could just very well be Amber's greatest assistant and then we would rock this town! She would be the main photographer of course....and I would just be on the sidelines snappin' away and crossing my fingers that I get a good shot! JK What would our name be.........?????

Stay tuned for the other photos from our great Bisbee Adventure!



  1. You're so cute sister :)

  2. Great pictures I didn't think snails existed in AZ =).... That food makes me hungry. I am looking fwd to all the beautiful work you and Amber will create with your picture takin skills....


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