Friday, September 3, 2010

Soccer Season Begins!

Well the time has FINALLY come for my lil' man to start soccer. Every since he saw his cousin play last year, he has wanted to play. He just wasn't old enough. :( I was constantly getting asked, "Mom, can I play soccer now?" It's hard to explain to a 3 year old that he was to wait a year to play. {And it's more than a year because of where his birthday falls}, plus children at that age have no concept of time. They think a year is like a day! I had to keep telling him things like, after your sister is born, after the 4th of July. Then he kind of understood. I also told him, we have to wait till the "soccer guy" tells us "Come on everyone, it's time to sign up for soccer!"
In the end of July, the time had come to sign him up for soccer. He was so excited! {and i have to admit, I was too} I think it's so cute seeing all the lil' kids running around, trying to kick the ball, and trying to learn the game. I couldn't wait to see my lil' man in his soccer cleats and shin guards.

So we were all signed up and just waiting for the coach to call us for practice. The call came and practices have begun! JL's first game is next Saturday and the plan for myself is to make a JL's fanclub T~shirt. ACTUALLY, one of my good friends K.D. said she would make it and on the back she would put "PRESIDENT". ♥ I'm super excited.

The other day I was at practice taking some pictures. This lil' boy just melts my heart. He is always smiling even when he is running all around on the field. I'm sure he will just love this sport! {at least I am hoping he does}. I'll keep you posted as to how his first game goes! GO BLOCKERS!  Here's a few random pictures from his practice!

Doing the duck crawl!
Jumping Jacks



  1. I LOVE the pics! He is so cute! I want a fan club t-shirt!!

  2. I love JL! He is one of my favorites. I hope this Soccer season is AWESOME!


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