Tuesday, September 28, 2010

October Goals

Over the past couple days I have been realizing what a slacker I have been. I mean a B~I~G slacker! I haven't been training for my 60 mile Breast Cancer walk, which is only 45 days away! OUCH! If I don't do something, even if it's just a mile a day I might not make it thru this walk. :(
My SIL (sister in~law), Ambrosia, just got back from Inspiration Unlimited 2010, which is a big scrapbooking thingy. Well after hearing how much fun she had, it has made me realize how much I miss scrapbooking. I have been slacking in that field too!
So.....here are a few goals that I want to have in October!

♥ Go walking at least a mile every day. If I can do more, than do it! The last thing I want is to not be able to complete these 60 miles.

♥ Complete a scrapbooking project weekly. Whether it be a mini album or layout page. I have got to get caught up with all my pictures! PLUS...scrapbooking totally relaxes me. (Ambrosia & I want to try to do a scrapbooking Recipe Swap, stay tuned for details)

♥ Read my Bible more. About 3 weeks ago or maybe 4, I accepted God into my life. What an amazing feeling. I just need to sit down each night and read.

And just some random to~do's

♥start working out
♥fall/winter cleaning of the house
♥start making Christmas gifts list (Yep I said it, Christmas)
♥take more pictures
♥start going on date nights again with my husband & Best Friend, John Clark

I think that is it for right now but when I think of more I will be sure to tell you! Hope everyone is having a great day!



  1. Totally teared up at your 3rd heart point...I'm so proud of you <3

  2. Congrats on accepting Christ as your Savior. You have a wonderful SIL for support and encouragment as you begin this new life in Christ. I am so proud of you and 'Brosia.


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