Monday, May 2, 2011

Birthday Weekend~Part 1

Man oh man! What a great birthday weekend!
I felt so loved and blessed. Thank you everyone for all the lovely birthday wishes!

*Please be prepared for a LOOOONNNNNGGG blog post*

The weekend started off with me getting off work and getting ready to go to my mom's house for my step dad's and my birthday celebration {my step dad and I share the same birthday and we are exactly 20 years apart}. On our way to my mom's we had gotten a phone call that my step dad had been in a car accident. A van full turned right in front of him and he smashed right into them. Thank GOD everyone was okay. They had to transport 9 people because the van was carrying kids which were not wearing their seat belt. PLEASE WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT! THEY SAVE LIVES! Needless to say my step dad was really shook up. He was okay, but he was more worried about the people in the other car and about his truck which was now totaled.

{Here is the picture that was in the paper. My step dad was driving the red truck}

 What a way to start your birthday celebration, huh? The pizza he had picked up was smashed, but we all headed to the house and ate it anyway. We definitely weren't going to let that go to waste. HA!

After dinner, John & I took the kids and met up with family and friend at our city's Festival of the Southwest. Basically it's a carnival in the city park with rides, food vendors, and entertainment. We bought JL a wristband {unlimited rides} and he went on his favorite ride about 15 times. It was great and he had such a good time. We couldn't stay out late because we knew we had to leave for the Warrior Dash bright and early the next morning.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! The alarm went off at 5am! Wholly Moly! I was so tired, but this warrior had to get ready to depart on her adventure with her other fellow warriors, Klothilda, Warrior Wilhite, Warrior Huttsell and Warrior Duncan! We left SV and heading to the battle ground. Upon arrival we got dressed in our black tu~tus and pink tank tops.

{before gettin dirty}

We were so excited but yet a little nervous about what the course would bring us. 10:30am was our wave time and we were lined up ready to go! The flames shot up and we were off.

Jogging at a steady pace we came to our first obstacle...."Here we go ladies!" Jumped over the wall and crawled under the barbed wire. The nervous jitters were over. We had conquered our first obstacle! BRING IT ON! Cheering other warriors on and keeping a steady pace we ran up and down sand mounds, ran through tires and walked over junkyard cars. Ran through the wash and climbed down the wall. Here came our first mud encounter. Time to get dirty! SPLASH! Now our shoes were a good 10 pounds each. We jogged to the 30ft {don't know exactly how tall it was..} hay stack. Climbed up one side jumped down the other....jogged to the huge cargo wall. Climbed up one side, climbed down the other. Quick water break and we jogged some more. Over the balancing boards, over the wall, thru the spider web, over the chaotic crossover. Almost done, now all we had to do was jump over the fire, hoping that our tu~tus don't catch fire and crawl thru the mud pit! This is what we were waiting for. We wanted to get dirty! =]

One fire hurdle down, second fire hurdle down, now ,mud pit! 1....2....3....jump! Mud all over. Making our way under the barbed wire to the finish line.

{About to cross the finish line!}

We did it! We survived the Warrior Dash! WOO~HOO!

58 minutes!

{I love each & everyone of these Warriors}

{Sister & me!}

Time to get our beer, put on our Warrior helmets and relax. Oh wait....we wanted to get cleaned first. The mud dried to our skin in a matter of seconds because it was toasty out. We had to stand in front of a tender truck and the guys were hosing everyone down. You could only get so clean so sitting on towels on the way home was a must. There was mud in every crevice of my body! It was great!
{Me & my bestie, Laura}
{me & my LOVE}
John and I even donated our shoes!

{Sneakers become recycled as affordable footwear for people in need around the world.}

Thank you to all my of fellow Warriors who went and made this birthday such a blast! Definitely memories that will be cherished forever. I L♥VE you all!{Hear that Amanda, I LOVE YOU! ;] }

Time to sign up for next year and get an even bigger group to go and start working on some outrageous costumes!

Who's in?!?



  1. First, I am glad to hear Paul is ok. How scary. Life can change in the blink of an eye.

    Looks like the Warrior Dash was a ton of fun. Mike and I are still doing the Tough Mudder in September if you guys need a vacation and want to come out and do it with us. Let me know!

  2. Im so proud of you girls! {And Duncan!!}
    And Im so glad i didnt sign up...I would not have been able to hang ;]
    Glad paul is okay to. That picture gives me goosebumps. Its weird driving by your moms house and not seeing the truck outside. :/

  3. How FUN! Who know's maybe i'll do it with you next year! It sounds like a lot of fun friend! Especially the MUD!! =]

  4. Ambrosia: You totally could have made it. It is so much fun! We are all going to do it again next year and get even more people to go. =]
    Ciera: EVERYONE loves getting dirty! It's a blast!

  5. could have walked with me!! :o)
    And Kelly...Love you, too!! :o)


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