Thursday, January 20, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 3

Day 3: Favorite Book

I have been searching all over the Internet for this book that I read back when I was in the 4th or 5th grade. I don't remember it's name, but I recall the hot air balloon on the cover. I can remember it being about a man & I think kid too that traveled all around the world in a hot air balloon. I remember them stopping to either eat pancakes or they participated in some largest pancake contest. The book was written in rhymes and it was a chapters book not a little kids book. I cannot find this book anywhere and even called my elementary school library this morning to see if they had any idea what I was talking about. If the library was set up the same I could walk right in and know exactly what shelf it was on because that is how many times I checked it out from the library. You would think I would remember the name but I cannot for the life of me. I thought it might have been around the world in 80 days or something like that but after googling that it was not it. Unless of course I find the right version of it. This is so frustrating because I really would like to read this book again. I will continue my search and hopefully one day find it.
One other book that I loved so much when I was little was Charlottes Web.

I think I checked this book out of the library just as much as I checked out the "unknown title" book.
Ahhh....memories. Maybe I will go buy this book and start reading it to JL & Jaycee every night. I think he would enjoy it. :]

Speaking of JL, the book we like to read together is
There was a Coyote who Swallowed a Flea.
This book is really cute and what's even better is JL memorizes the lines so he can read it with me.

{BURP! Is breakfast soon?}



  1. I can still remember reading Charlotte's Web when I was little! I can't wait for my daughter to read it someday. Uh, you just brought back some memeories :-P

  2. ok, so reading your blog. is it ROUND IS A PANCAKE?? I love charlottes web, total classic! I hope you figure out your "unknown book"


  3. Thanks for the comments ladies!

    Janet: I looked up that book and it wasn't it. :[ I'm still trying to search for the "unknown book" though. Thanks for trying to help. :]


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