Monday, January 17, 2011

Very first Photo Challenge: IN LOVE

Eek! I am so super nervous! For my very first time ever, I am linking up to my very first photo challenge. I have been wanting to do one and just kept making up excuses, but today, my SIL said. "Just do it!". So here I am. 
Jhen over at From here to Eternity is hosting this IN LOVE photo challenge.

I absolutely LOVE my children. They mean the world to me. They can always make me smile when I have had a rough day and don't get me wrong they can make me want to pull my hair out at the same time. BUT, they are my everything and I am completely in love with them.


Thanks Jhen for hosting this challenge and thank you Ambrosia for making me step out of my boundaries and making me do this challenge. I really enjoyed it. ♥ ya!



  1. Oh my it turned out so wonderful!
    Photography is a constant learning process.
    Baby steps!
    Participating in photo challenges like this will really help you to get more comfortable with your pictures. We are always our worst critics.

    But this picture of my niece and nephew deserves the sweet recognition that you will get from the other participants!!

    FANTASTIC Kelly! You go girl! I'm so proud of you!!

  2. YAY! I am so glad you did!!!! SO SO SO VERY GLAD!

    I think your children are beautiful and I think this photo captured perfection! I love their real smiles and I love how there Joy BEAMS! And I have to say, your daughter's eyes are beautifully piercing! JUST STUNNING!

  3. and I can see why you're so in love with them, they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

  4. Amber: Thank you so much for making me do this. :]

    Jhen & KD: THANK YOU! ♥

  5. This is such a great picture! Your children are beautiful :)

  6. I'm so glad you stepped out and shared this wonderful photo with us. Your children are so beautiful and you have captured them so well. Great job! I look forward to seeing more of your photos so keep posting! Candace

  7. Reilly & Candace: Thank you! They are my hearts!


Thanks for your sweet words! Hope you have a great day & thanks for stopping by!