Friday, June 10, 2011

Did you notice?

I have added something new to my blog. Do you see it? 

Look.......right up there ↑ ↑ ↑,

do you see it now?

I have added a new page to my blog. 101 in 1001
 Please go check it out! I love this idea and am so glad I came across it.



  1. Great idea. I have one, too. I've had numerous over the years, and never completed one...always started fresh. Hoping to complete this one with success! Best of luck to you!

  2. #99: You can cross it off cause I am about to come up with it!
    Pick up trash with your sister and our children...beautify our earth!

    I love this! Im gonna make one too! So you can also cross off #61!


  3. I LOVE this idea! I think the hardest part is going to come up with ALL those things, but I'm up for a challenge! Thanks for the inspiration Kelly =)

  4. Laura: Thanks lady! Is your list on your blog?
    Ambrosia: I will update my list and as soon as you but your list on your blog I will cross it off mine. =]
    Angel: It was hard coming up with the list but if you go to the link Jesslyn has gives you a ton of ideas. =]
    Can't wait to see both of your gals lists. Let me know when you do them! =]

  5. Making mine right now!

  6. 17. We're going as soon as I buy my phone!
    37. What are you waiting for? You do know that you have two sisters that can show you how it's done, right?
    80. Juuuuust an FYI, this is a repeat (same as 32)
    98. Favorite <3

  7. Kacey: 17:that is what I was hoping for 37. ummm.....snow? ;] 60. that is what i was thinking, if I can stay awake 80. nice catch! Now see what number 80 is! 98. Can't wait to see what you make for me! =]

  8. My list is done, now Im just trying to figure out which font i used to make my navigation buttons =/

  9. Dont forget to cross off #61!
    You go girl!
    Now its 99 in 1001 =]

  10. Um... skip'change my own ois ' and add ' call my mother- in -law'... just a suggestion...


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