Thursday, June 2, 2011

Look who's one!

Be prepared for a VERY LONG post!

I remember the day like it was yesterday. June 1st, 2010. John Logan and I went to the park with a group of girlfriends and their kids. We played outside for, ate lunch, John Logan played and I sat and chit~chatted with the ladies. It was hot outside and it was about time for me to go to my appointment.

Got to the Dr.'s office, appt was at 3:30, signed in, and then of course went to go pee into the cup. {I couldn't wait to not have to do that anymore} Although, for pregnant women, peeing comes way to easy with that baby sitting right there on your bladder. =] My favorite nurse, my friend Amanda's mother, called my name and took me back to the scale. UGH! Hated that thing too! Anyways, took my weight and then took me to the room. She wrapped the blood pressure thingy around my arm, and after taking my blood pressure told me to immediately lay down on my side. She looked worried. I asked if everything was okay and she said my blood pressure was high and she was going to take it again. I started to get a little scared. She took it again and it said about the same thing. She told me to just continue to lay down. My Dr. came in and being the fun, outgoing dr he is, said, "shame, shame". I had no idea what he was talking about. He said that I had protein in my urine. With that and my blood pressure being high I basically had preeclampysia.

He "checked" me and I was about 1cm dilated. He told me to get dressed and then he would come in and tell me what we were going to do. By this time, being the emotional pregnant lady, I was losing it. This didn't happen with my first child, why was it happening this time. Oh I know.....I overcooked the baby in the sun today. LOL =]

The doctor came back in the room and said, "Okay Kelly, we are going to induce you. I need you to be at the hospital at 5:30am tomorrow morning." Umm...whaaaa? Induce me? Yeah I pretty much lost it.

Got into the car, called the husband who was on shift, then called my mom. I wasn't ready to have a baby. I still had a week before my due date. I still had things I wanted to do before my baby was supposed to come. Yeah...that didn't happen.

We made arrangements for John Logan to stay with my sister. We ran our last minute errands. The husband got off shift and came home. It was now time for us to get ready for bed because tomorrow morning was going to come fast.

Barely being able to sleep, the alarm went off too early. Woke up, kissed JL goodbye and headed to the hospital. Checked in, walked back to my room, greeted my nurse {who happened to be a high school friend, best nurse ever!} and got comfy in the hospital bed.

The nurse did all the paperwork and started the pitocin around 630am. Being induced was definitely different. Hard to explain I guess. I could slowly feel the contractions getting stronger. I was trying my hardest to not take any medicine. With John Logan, I had back labor. THE WORST! With Jaycee opposite. I finally asked the nurse for some Stadol. Wish I wouldn't have taken it as it felt like I was completely drunk trying to have a baby. With the contractions getting stronger, they were starting to shoot down my thighs. UGH! Had my mom on one side and John on the other rubbing my legs. My sister was holding my hand. I made it to 9cms and had the nurse check me..."'s time....John you better gown up." Yep...that's right. My husband was going to deliver my baby. ♥

The doctor came in and basically let my husband do the whole thing. It was time for me to get to pushing. At 9:36am, Jaycee Lynn Clark was born. 6lbs. 5oz. 18 inches.

{Daddy after delivering Jaycee}

{Our family has grown by another 2 feet}


{One happy Big Brother}

Jaycee is my world. I remember first finding out when I was pregnant and thinking to myself that I didn't want a girl. Had to have another boy. Now...I wouldn't change anything. She is such a blessing to have. Girls are definitely different than boys and she is so sensitive. I just love her. She makes me just smile even when I am in the worst moods.

Today Jaycee turned one. This is such a bittersweet moment for me. Makes me sad. My baby girl is growing up so fast. I seriously do not know how time just flies so fast. It feels like just the other day she was 6 months old.

{My Auntie Ambrosia loves taking my picture}

                                                                     {Pumpkin patch, about 4 months old}

{Another picture by my Auntie Ambrosia}

{6 month old picture}

{about 9 months old}

                                       {insert one year old picture here..LOL}

Happy Birthday Jaycee Lynn....mommy & daddy love you!



  1. Im totally in tears!
    I love this little girl like she is my own!
    Of course the same goes for John Logan!
    I cant believe my best friend has been in our lives for an entire year. It seriously does not feel like it has been that long! I love you sister!

  2. This made me cry too! Such a sweet story.


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