Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fire Season=No Bueno

Our Arizona State Governor has declared a State of Emergency for Arizona.

We have wildfires everywhere.=[ And most of them are human caused. It's horrible and thousands, and thousands, and thousands of acres of wild land are burning.

The red flag warnings and wind advisories are not helping either. Our state could really use our monsoon season right about now.

 With all these wildfires going on, living here in southern Arizona, the sky is just covered with smoke. I walked out of my garage the other night and could just smell it. It gives me a headache and it isn't a great atmosphere to run in either, but I still have been. I am just over these fires. I can't help but wonder what people are thinking when they know the area is so dry and they flick their cigarette out the window. It makes me want to track them down and yell at them. Not that I would really ever do that, but I can still think that way.

AND......of course these fires have taken my husband away from his family. There are thousands of fire fighters and crews out there trying to contain these fires and I feel so bad that most of these fire fighters have to be away from their families.

John will be gone for 2 weeks, UGH! I hate it! I have not been gone from him for that long of a period but it just hasn't been good timing. Too much is going on and this mama is starting to stress. I know I will be okay and I know there are women out there that have been gone from their significant other for a longer period of time {I give you major kudos}, but this is just hard!

I am missing him like crazy!

I'm thinkin' about him 24/7 and I cannot wait till he is home. I found this on PINTEREST and it truly how I feel about John. He is my everything.

Please send prayers for everyone involved and affected by these wildfires.



  1. Prayers for Arizona. I grew up in Eagar/Springerville, AZ and have many friends that are getting ready to be evacuated. It's so scary. Love that picture you posted -- So cute!

  2. Thank you Jenn! The Springerville area is just beautiful and this fire is devastating. =[

  3. new follower here! I love the sign :) my prayers go out to you and your fam!

  4. Thank you Sarah! Means a lot. =] Thanks for stopping by!

  5. It's so sad that Arizona has lost SO much! I have a friend who thinks she lost her cabin in Alpine. They will find out today =( So heartbreaking! Thank god for those firefighters!

  6. Angel that is horrible. The white mountain area is so beautiful too. This is just so sad. John said the Horseshoe 2 fire jumped over the mountain last night. The wind def didn't help much yesterday. =[ Prayers are with your friend.


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