Tuesday, March 1, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 12

Day 12:A song that you want played at your wedding(or was played).

Ahhhh....our wedding. Such sweet memories. John & mine's wedding was anything but normal but it was PERFECT for both of us.

 John proposed to me in December 2006. I threw out dates to him of when we should get married and he kept shooting those dates down. To be honest I was getting a little irritated. I was thinking, "You can't propose to a girl and then when she brings up a date say, that's too soon! What the heck?!?" Anyways...after the dates that I was throwing out there were being tossed out the window one right after another, I gave up and told John that he could pick the date. I really didn't want a big fancy wedding and I didn't want to have to plan a big wedding either. Not your typical girl, huh?

Mid April 2008....John calls me at work and says,"Hey! Why don't we get married on May 17, 2008?" I thought to myself...really?!? This boy is going to give me less than a month to plan our wedding. I said. "OKAY!"

A little history: From the very beginning John & I had decided that we didn't want a big wedding and we would rather just get a group of close family & friends and go to Vegas.

Well...that is exactly what we did. The day John called me at work, I called my mom and right away we were looking online booking our hotel and flight. A couple days later we had where we were going to get married booked. Now to tell all the family and friends and find a dress.

We texted and called close family and friends and told them we were sorry for such a short notice but we would love if they would be able to come to Vegas. Believe it or not we had about 30 people come to Vegas. About 15 of them were all on the same flight as us. Good times!

We left for Vegas on Friday, May 16th around 7:30pm. Got into Vegas around 9pm. Left Vegas on Sunday, May 18th at 7:30am. We were in Vegas for less than 48 hours.

We all went out on Friday night. John and I got married at noon {I think} on Saturday at the Howard Johnson's Hotel. We now call it the Ho~Jo, and just a FYI don't EVER get married in Vegas in May at noon outside. Can we say hello heat stroke?!? After the 10 minute ceremony we went and ate at Cravings in the Mirage Hotel&Casino. After that everyone hung out and we had a great time. Woke up the next morning, well some of us did, others were still awake,and headed to the airport.

It was such an amazing trip and I wouldn't change ANY of it. John&I both look back and just laugh at all the memories we created that special day. We couldn't be more thankful to have those special family and friends that with such short notice made their way to Vegas to help us celebrate our special day.

Oh! Now for the challenge...DUH! There was no songs played at our wedding or after either. BUT if we had a traditional wedding we would def have to have our song played.

Neon Moon



  1. It was a great weekend!!
    You looked beautiful <3
    And I love that song. Takes me back to Dillons days...sweet memories!!

  2. This is the best story ever! So funny!! I bet ya'll had so much fun! Was it a whole lot less stressful? Sometimes I want to just go to the beach and get married, but a part of me still really wants to have a wedding at home. I love that song, by the way! :)

    And to answer your question, my birthday is April 27th! When's yours? :)

    And the sunglasses! Funny you said that! I had planned on putting it in my Scavenger Hunt Sunday! :) I'll let you know when I do! hehe


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