Monday, March 14, 2011

Handwriting Game

I was tagged in a fun bloggin' game by Ambrosia!
I had saw this on another blog and couldn't wait or maybe I should say...hoped someone would tag me and they did. It's so fun to see people's handwriting!

So here it is...the Handwriting Game. Here are the rules

In your handwriting, answer the following questions and post it in your blog.
Pretty easy, right?
1. What’s your name / blogger name?
2. What’s your blogs URL?
3. Write, “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”.
4. Favorite quote?
5. Your favorite song?
6. Your favorite band / singers?
7. Anything else you want to say?
8. Tag 3 bloggers to participate.

Now go have fun! I personally don't care for my handwriting. Some days I like it and other days I don't. :]

Hope everyone is having a great day!



  1. You know that if I had your handwriting I would never stop writing! I love your handwriting!! Hence the reason I always try to make you write for me in my scrapbooks =] You should totally send it to Kevin & Amanda, Ill bet it would be a fan favorite and everyone would use it!

  2. Oh no! You tagged ME!!! EEK! =/ I literally have THE WORST handwriting in the whole world! Okay, I'll play... Sigh.

    I like your handwriting!

  3. I love your handwriting!!! I wish mine looked as neat and tidy as yours! ugh, i'm so jealous!

    LOVE your blog!
    Come see me!

  4. Love your handwriting and country too!


Thanks for your sweet words! Hope you have a great day & thanks for stopping by!