Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekend Getaway

Wooooo~Hoooooo! It's FRIDAY!
I have been anxiously waiting for this day because I am so excited about this evening and of course this weekend. We, meaning me & the family, are going to be very busy.

Tonight starts us off with JL's opening T~ball Ceremonies. This is JL's first year playing T~ball and let's just say it's been interesting so far. These kids are so cute out there but at the same time have the shortest attention span. kid asked the coach {which happened to be his dad} if he could go catch ladybugs. Right now it's like swarm ball and when the ball is hit the 1st basemen wants to run all the way into left field to try to get the ball. The coaches and parents are trying to teach them all but me being the mom that I am can be somewhat hard on my little guy. JL listens to me though and so far he is having a good time. His first game is next Thursday. Go Diamond Jaxx!

After opening ceremonies, we have my brother's 36 birthday dinner. Man he is getting old! JUST KIDDING. I love my brother. We didn't get along very well when we were younger but once I hit my teen years and of course now...we get along great! He has such a big he♥rt and is crazy at times....okay...most of the time but that is what I love about him.
Happy Birthday brother!

Whew...what a busy night. Makes me tired just thinking about it as it's going to be crazy busy and it's only me since the husband is on shift today. =[

{Sister & me during one of our Girls Night Outs}

Tomorrow will be a a day of packing and hopefully spending some time with my girls while we say goodbye to my "sister" Stephie. She is moving to Utah on Tuesday. She is going to be missed like crazy!

On to Sunday....the best part of the weekend. Me & the husband are going to a wedding in Tucson and staying at the Hilton el Conquistador. Just me and kids thanks to my mom and Ambrosia. Thank you guys! I'm really excited because a group of us are going and we are going to hang out by the pool {which has a water slide...eek!}, drink and party all night long. I cannot wait!

{isn't it beautiful?}

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



  1. Jealous! Sounds like a fabulous weekend with the exception of saying "adios" to Steph! She will come back and visit, hopefully with a baby in tow soon! :o)

    Mike, Mas & I should be in SV for a few days until our stuff gets to our new house in the middle of next month. We should plan a play-date with all the girls. I was thinking pizza for us (Mason LOVES pizza), but the kids could run around like wild animals and we could sit back and relax.

    Oh, we are doing the Coronado Bridge Run/Walk in May if you are interested. It is family friendly!

  2. I cant wait to get my hands on my BFF Jaycee for the night! ANd of course to have JL here cause I miss him. I feel like I never see him any more!

    ps...tee~ball is cute at first but it is the most boring kid sport ever! Just saying! Wear sunblock! =]

  3. Shannon I think that sounds like a fabulous idea. Let me know when you get here! And what is the Bridge Walk/Run and where is it at?

    @Ambrosia: I plan on getting some sun on my legs during these games! But yes I will for sure wear sunblock. Shoot...I might be out on the field helping these kids.

  4. The bridge run is May 21st (I think). It's the bridge that connects San Diego to Coronado Island. You can take a ferry back or a bus...we should be settled in our house by then so if need be you have a place to stay. John and Mike can run it, I will however be walking with Mason. I have tried to navigate a stroller in a crowded area and ran over a bunch of people, I can only imagine I would cause serious harm to others if I was running!

    I am thinking we should be in SV around the 18th or so. Nothing set until we get official orders on Friday! AND as long as Mike doesn't change his mind again about how we are moving. I swear it...ugh...that's another story!


Thanks for your sweet words! Hope you have a great day & thanks for stopping by!