Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Busy Bee......BuZz...BuZz....BuZz

Man o' man! I have been one busy bee these past few days. Where do I even begin?

Saturday I posted all the things I needed to do over the weekend and I don't think I got everything I wanted accomplished, BUT I did do a lot. 

JL went with "mommas" {my mom} on Saturday afternoon to go see the movie Rango. What a nice break. Me & babygirl just hung out and enjoyed some peace~n~quiet. When JL got home, we went over to my mom's house and had dinner with her, "Old dude" {my step~father} and my sister who came down for the weekend from college. I love when she just shows up. I miss her so much. ♥ After dinner we came home and were in bed pretty early.

Sunday was a very busy day. My day started off with taking my first ever Senior Portraits of this BEAUTIFUL girl named Nicole.

She was the sweetest person I have ever met and I can't thank her enough for letting me have this opportunity to photograph her. We had so much fun! Thank you Nicole! :]

On our way to our first location we came across these cows. These things were so BIG that I don't even know if you call them cows when they are that big. I couldn't help but take a picture of this thing after we were done taking pictures because I thought it was just so neat.

{Look at that bad boy...YIKES!}

We moved on to our next location and got done shooting around 2:15ish. I had to leave because I had another photo shoot at 3:45pm. I am trying to get as much practice in as I can. 

The second photo shoot I did was with Ambrosia & Stephenie of this beautiful couple and their 2 year old daughter. 

Taking pictures of little kids I find pretty difficult. It's hard to pose them and they usually just want to do what they want to do. Does anyone have suggestions when photographing young kids? It's almost like you just have to get the candid shots, which I am totally okay with. 

We wrapped that photo shoot up around 5:30ish and then decided to play. We used some of Stephenie's props and put Ambrosia in front of the camera. 

After playing we headed to Ambrosia's for some BBQing. We ate steak, corn on the cob, grilled peppers, and some delicious Red Velvet cupcakes. I swear I ate like 4 of them. And now that I know they make Butter Cream frosting in a jar....I'm in big trouble.

So there you have it. I had a busy Sunday and I did it all with my back pain. Went to the Dr today so I'll fill you in with what's going on there a little later.

Hope you all are having a fantastic week so far! Thank goodness tomorrow is Hump Day!


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  1. Love the new layout. So cute :-)
    I love giving my son something to concentrate on when I'm snapping pics of him. Yesterday we were at the park alone so I let him climb up the slide the wrong way, I stood at the top of the slide with my camera and just shot away. The pics of his face turned out so priceless. Some were of smiles, some he was just looking off pensively. A lot of them he was looking right at the camera and smiling. He NEVER does that if I ask him to! And when I shot just his face, you couldn't tell what he was doing, so it just looked like he was standing somewhere posing.


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