Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Do I have enough time?

I have been so busy lately and looking at my planner I don't know if I even have a "free day". It many ways  I like that and in other ways I don't.

I'm pretty excited for tonight as I will be going shopping with my mother & sister in Tucson. We are going to be hitting up Old Navy. YAY! We will be shopping for JL and my baby girl who will be turning 1 on June 2nd! EEK! It's so bittersweet! I still can't believe she is going to be a year. Where did this past year go?

I have bought her birthday outfit. =] I bought it almost 2 months ago because I just loved it and I knew if I didn't buy it it would be gone.

{How cute is that?}

I also want to do a cake smash session with Jaycee. I don't want to pay for it {because I'm cheap}, and would like to do it myself. I just have lots of questions about it....

What kind of backdrop should I use?
Should I do it indoor or outdoor?
Should I let her wear this outfit or just a tutu with headband?
What kind of cupcake do I make? {i have purchased a 3D cupcake pan and don't know if I should do chocolate or white cake, or even try to make these.}
Oi Vey! And then when will I be able to do this photo session?

I'm really excited and hoping that I can make it work. I have a vision and well I'm sure everyone knows that sometimes when you vision something it just doesn't come out the way you visioned it.

Jaycee's birthday party will be very simple. I want it to be a cupcake theme, so I am thinking I will just get colored plates and such that match her birthday outfit. Think that will be okay?

I shouldn't be stressing but there is so much to do before then. Memorial Day weekend we are going camping then that week is her birthday. I don't have much time so I better figure this all out soon.

Anyone have any advice?



  1. Ive never done a cake smash but I can see Jaycees in my minds eye!
    I see an all white background and floor.
    I think a tutu and headband would be super cute!
    We could make her a head band that looks like the top of a cupcake!
    An I think a colorful giant cupcake, like rainbow?
    The more color the better I think.
    I can help.
    Let me know what I can do =]

  2. Oooh yeah, I just clicked on the link and those cupcakes look perfect!!!

  3. Aww baby's first year flies by way too fast :( they have the cutest first birthday stuff in target. I've never seen anything like those in a store before. I would have loved those for my kid's first birthdays. I totally know what you mean about having an idea in your head and then it coming out so differently. GL I bet they'll come out so good :)

  4. Thanks Robin! I think with me and Ambrosia we may just pull it off! I'll be sure to post pictures!


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