Thursday, May 26, 2011


As many of you already know, my Jaycee baby is going to be turning 1, one week from today. June 2nd! {Insert teary~eyes here} It is  bittersweet and I am trying to be strong about it. I just don't know where the time has gone and it seems like with the second child time flies even faster.


I want to keep her party simple and have decided to do a cupcake them for her party. I  also mentioned that I wanted to do a cake smash session with her and once I found these I knew I had to "try" and bake them.

On Sunday, my lil' helper & I decided to attempt these cupcakes while baby girl was taking her afternoon nap.

We mixed the batter according to the directions from the website and when I came across the part where it said add sour cream, I thought to myself..."sour cream? In cupcakes? That's strange." I added it of course and let me tell you....these cupcakes are the best cupcakes I have had. YUM!

After the batter was mixed we divided the batter into 5 bowls, only because I wanted 5 colors. It worked out to be about 2 cups of batter in each bowl.

Then came the fun part....adding the food coloring. I had picked up these and they were perfect. Just what I needed. JL loved mixing all the colors. =]

Then came time time to put the colored batter into the cupcake liners. JL did a great job of placing all the liners in the pans. We did some with white liners so you could see the colors and we did some with foil liners so they would be a surprise.

{Mommy's lil helper}

Now this was the part that took the longest. You take your first color batter and put about 2 teaspoons{this is what the site says to do, but I think for 5 colors I need to do about 1 1/2 teaspoon} into the liner. Use your finger and spread it out. TIP: use a cup of water and dip your finger into the water then spread the batter around. This helps keep the batter from sticking to your fingers. Now pick your next color and do the same thing. Spread it out. Basically layering the colors. When finished layering we stuck them into the oven and baked them according to the directions on the box or as my mother always taught me, "when the toothpick comes out clean."

Not too bad for our first batch, right? I think they will be perfect for Jaycee girl's first birthday party and even better for her cake smash session. Such bright colors!

{he is definitely like his father}

And here's a cute little picture of my niece and John Logan at their Pre~School Graduation from last week. {insert another tear} Aren't they just cute?!? They are getting so big!

 My family and are headed to the lake this weekend! So excited for some fun in the sun! I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday weekend. Please be safe and let's not forget all of the fallen heroes. ♥



  1. WOW Kel! You guys did SUCH a great job!
    Isnt it amazing how an ingredient like sour cream can make the batter so much better? I love JLs face in that one of him with the cupcake.
    And um...I have NEVER seen JL with spikey hair! I LOVE IT!! Marley is SOOO grown! Its crazy to think that JL Kaydenn and Marley are ALL going into Kinder this year! Ahhhhh time flies =/
    Bitter sweet is right!

  2. ps...the pictures look FANTASTIC!!!!
    Everything is so perfectly focused!
    Im SO SOOOO proud of you!!

  3. LOVE! Amazing shots too!! This makes me want to make them now! I think I shall go to the store now =)

  4. Ambrosia: why thank you! The sour cream made a big difference. These things were so moist. =] I tried my best with the pictures!

    Angel: can't wait to see how yours turn out. I def need to get better at the icing thing and of course theirs look way better but I am happy with my turnout. Be prepared for the layering. That took us the longest. =]

  5. I will certainly post photos! So excited!


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