Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A little bit of this....a little bit of that

My head is spinning and my thoughts are just jumping from one thing to another. I have so much on my mind of things that are happening and things that are going to happen.
I am usually one for "To~do" lists but I haven't even made time to sit down and write one out. As soon as I start thinking about one thing, I will think of something that will then get me thinking about another thing.

These next 2 weeks, maybe even 3 are going to be so super busy.

Last T~ball game
preparing/packing for camping trip for this weekend
going shopping for the camping trip this weekend
JL's school picnic
finding a daycare for my baby girl
planning baby girl's 1st birthday {insert tear here}
baking cupcakes for baby girls birthday
baby girls birthday party
a good friend's bachelorette spa weekend at the resort
somewhere in between all this TRY and do a cake smash session for baby girl, which then I would have to bake the cake for that
vacation Bible School along with finding a sitter for JL for that week he doesn't have daycare
bridal shower and husband's cousin's wedding

AND....in between all this....finding the time to workout. I have told my husband that I am sick of being lazy! I am not happy with my body and if I am not happy no matter what anyone says I won't feel happy. So with that being said, we have bought another jogging stroller {we have one but wanted another for when me & the hub go on long runs, 3-6 miles} and I bought a new pair of running shoes. I did my first P90x workout{this was just to do a workout....I am by all means NOT ready to do the whole program} with the husband and yesterday I did my Jillian Michael's 30~day shred DVD. I am determined to be happy with my body and get to feeling good. If I exercise more then I will have more energy and not feel so tired all the time. The only person that can make this change is myself and I have a wonderful husband who is supporting me the whole way. Love you babe!

 I am doing some late spring cleaning to include going through all the blogs I follow and seeing which ones I really read and "want" to follow. I find that I have followed people but then when they post I don't read their blog. What's the point of following then, right? PLUS, since I am working on myself I am thinking of getting rid of some people on Facebook, that way I am not spending all my time trying to see what everyone updated their status with. Seriously....it makes me question why I have some of the "friends" I have on there. To be honest...it's probably just because I am nosey and want to see what people are saying or doing with their lives. I need to stop that. I need to quit be nosey and just live my life. I find myself getting worked up over things and I hate how things can be taken out of context. Maybe it's time to give up that addiction and spend some more time on myself and with my family. I should get back into the scrap booking thing or find another hobby.

I have totally not been feeling like myself these past few days and I need to find me.

Time for some major spring cleaning, although it's almost summer. =]



  1. I heart you...how can I help you with ANYTHING in this blog post??
    What can I pray about?
    What can I bake for you?
    How can I encourage you to just delete your FB? {Its freeing!!}
    When can i watch the kids for you?

    Let me help you sister <3

  2. OK. So let's go with the 6th or 7th and get some of this taken care of. What do you need help with? Let us help you all the while having some much needed girly time!

  3. Taylor's babysitter {Kathy} has openings. She is amazing! She's like my second mom. I wouldn't trust anyone else with Taylor {besides my mom} =)


Thanks for your sweet words! Hope you have a great day & thanks for stopping by!