Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Great Night!

Today is bittersweet. My baby girl is 8 months old today. I really can't believe how fast time flies. I know with JL time went by pretty fast as still does, but it seems like when you have a second kid that the time goes by even faster. I swear just the other day we were bringing Jaycee home from the hospital. Okay, not really, but I really don't know where these last 8 months have gone.

I wish I could be a SAHM with her and be there for all her 'firsts', but right now we just can't do it. It hurts my heart because I feel like I don't get enough time with her. I drop her off with the sitter in the morning and then by the time I pick her up and get home she is in bed 2 hours later. It's just not enough time so I have to cherish every second I get with her. She is def a daddy's girl since she spends most of her time with him and I guess I can't complain. 

There's my sweet baby girl and then of course there is her doing her "STINKY FACE". She does this all the time and if her Uncle Chance is around, it's a for sure thing she will be doing it even more. ♥

Today we also got an addition to our family. My friend got a puppy and unfortunately was not able to keep the lil guy. Right away, I jumped to telling her that we would be more than happy to take him off her hands if they for sure couldn't keep him. So this afternoon, John went to go pick up the lil guy.

Welcome to our family Brody.

We are determining on whether or not to keep that name for him. I think it's cute but John wants another. What do you think? Do you like it or what do you think he looks like? Bentley? Cooper?

It's been a fun night hanging out with the lil guy and JL just loves him. Jaycee doesn't know what to think just yet. It's going to take a lot of time and patience to train him but John is the perfect guy to do it.

Off this subject and on to another......I was playing around with my camera this evening and all of a sudden JL comes out with my old point and shoot camera. I just laughed out loud and he starting taking pictures of the puppy. Then he looked to me and said, "Mom, let's take a picture of each other".

Pretty cute, huh?

Then I was fooling around and taking pictures of "my love". I was making him pose. I love that he is such a good sport.

I hope everyone is having a great night! I know we are!



  1. I love how Uncle Chance simply has to look at my sweet Jaycee and here comes the stinky face! I loved having her today. SHe told me that she missed me and that she wishes you still brought her to me everyday...ahem ;]

    The puppy is cute. I like Brody. Its been my nickname forever! Havent you ever heard my mother call me Brodi? I think Bentley is better...he looks like a Bentley!

    I love that JL picked up your old camera! Between me, you Brysonn & JL we can have a nice little family business!! haha =]

    Duncans eye looks CRAZY in that big can REALLY see it in this particular photo! Oh, and he looks constipated in his 'mad face' =]

  2. i heart your perfect lil family...2 parents...2 kiddos...and 2 pups LIFE IS GOOOOOOOOD :o)

  3. Great Pictures. Your kids are the cutest. Happy you had a great day

  4. I love the pics of jaycee lynn and I adore her name and her stink face!!!! I love little Brody but I really dig the name Bentley. He looks so content and exhausted. JL looks like he is taking after you in the photography! =)Hilarious photo shoot with your hubby! you two are cute together.

    Sounds like you had an amazing evening with your beautiful family. <3


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