Thursday, February 10, 2011

Photo Challenge: Yellow

 I'm entering another photo challenge...can you believe it? I surely can't. I am not pro but I figured linkin' up with challenges may be a way for people to help me learn things.

I was going through some pictures in my computer and came across a picture I took back in October while visiting Apple Annie's Orchard and knew right away that it would fit Angel Perry's YELLOW photo challenge.

When we got to the orchard and I saw the field of sunflowers, I knew I wanted to get lost in the middle of it and just start snapping away. This was even before I wanted to start learning photography. The husband & I grabbed the shears and headed into the field. We were looking for the perfect sunflower to cut and bring home. I think they even had a sale that day....5 for $5! :]
Anyways, as he was going up and down the rows, I was too busy snapping away. I think he was getting a little irritated but oh well. ;]

Here's the shot I got.

I even caught some sun flare! Ambrosia would be so proud of that.

living in a perry tale

Hope you like it. You should go see all the other entries! Some people just amaze me with their talents!



  1. Yes for the sun flare! I love this! I was just going through my pictures and I was thinking of doing a sun flower from that same day! Remember when we were sitting at the table and I took your flowers and took pictures of Cecilia with them? Yep. But now I wont cause you did...hmph.
    Good picture though! LOOOOve it!

  2. need to turn off your stinkin' captcha!

  3. How funny! I was just going through the pictures and this was the first one that I came across and went with it. :]

    just for you I turned it off!

  4. Great picture. I sure do love sun flowers! Thanks for linking up Kelly! :]

  5. I love sunflowers! sweet choice for something yellow!

    Wanted to let you know I'm hosting a challenge too! :) If you're interested would love to see you join in on the fun! :)

  6.'re annoy......oops...nevermind! ;]

  7. Great picture! This reminds me of a sunflower pic i took there last fall as well! Totally forgot, my fave place that time of the year :)

  8. Destiny...I'll try to think of something. Thanks for the invite. :]

    Robin: Thanks lady! We go to the Apple Orchard/Pumpkin patch every year! So much fun!

  9. Love the sun flare! This shot it gorgeous!
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving sweet comments. :) You're adorable!!

    I'm following! :)

  10. Gorgeous I love this such a cheerful photo in every way! :)


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