Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Treat

Happy Valentine's Day!
Usually I don't do anything big for V~day for the husband. Maybe a card and a lil something, but this year I came across a super cute idea here that I just had to do.
A "Six~pack of Treats"
What man wouldn't love this?!?
I know I would!

First I bought a six~pack of Orange Crush in the clear glass bottles. You can also use the Strawberry Crush or IBC Cream Soda, as long as they are the clear bottles. You could use IBC Rootbeer but they come in dark bottles so you don't get the full color effect. :]

Empty the bottles, clean the bottles and let them dry. Don't forget to keep the lids to them too.

Spray paint the cardboard box chocolate brown or any color you prefer. Once dry decorate the outside with fun Valentines Day embellishments.

Once the bottles are dry, cover the outside with decorative V~day paper. I got some at Target in the $1 spot{we love the dollar spot}!
I measured my paper to be 3"x8.5". Wrap it around the middle of the glass to cover the Crush logo and barcode.

Now here is the fun part. Pick out 6 different candies or snacks that your husband or significant other likes. Make sure they will be able to fit in the top of the bottle. I used Reese's Pieces, Skittles, Hot Tamales, Mike & Ikes, Honey Roasted Peanuts and Chewy Sweettarts.
Once you have your candy come up with cute sayings to go with each candy. For example, for the peanuts I wrote on the tag, "I'm NUTS about you!" and for the Reeses Pieces, "I love you to PIECES".

Fill the glass bottles with all the candies or snacks and make a tag for each bottle. Use a ribbon or piece of twine to tie the tag around the top of the bottle.
Place the lid back on the bottle and put all the glass bottles back in the cardboard holder they came in.

And wha~la!

There you have it. A nice lil gift for the husband!

I'll have to post a pic later of what I got the lil man. I hope he really likes it. His best friend is getting the same thing so I hope they are both just full of smiles when they go to school tomorrow!

Hope you all are having a great Valentine's Day!




  1. It turned out great! I hope he enjoys it!

  2. Those are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!!! Such an awesome idea!



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