Tuesday, February 8, 2011


OMGoodness! Today was a good day and it all started when I was reading up on some blogs I follow and found out that the picture I took was chosen as 1 of 2 favorites. EEK! You have no idea how excited this made me. I mean....really, I am in no way a photographer but I have been eagerly wanting to learn and I couldn't believe that Becky chose mine as one of her favorites. It just makes my heart smile.
Becky has been so generous and teaching everyone out there in the "blog world" what she has been learning in her photography class. Perfect for me since I am a BEGINNER~BEGINNER~BEGINNER! :]
Every week she posts what she has been learning and then asks people to link up with their pictures. I think it's pretty cool and not as intimidating as other "challenges" because it seems like a lot of those participating are beginners. This week she is teaching everyone about Simplicity so I gotta get out there and play with the camera. I have thoughts of what I want to shoot but I just hope it comes out like I picture it. Does this happen to people a lot?

I was just so thrilled that my photo was chosen and had to share  with everyone my excitement. See the photo I linked up with here.

Now...this week I will be trying to link up with Ambrosia's scrabble photo challenge. I really gotta get the creativity flowing for this because so far there are some really neat photos. Head on over and join on in! It's all fun and games, right?!?

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far! Just think tomorrow is Wednesday. Thank goodness!



  1. I for one love your answer to number 6 ♡

  2. That is awesome! In such a short time you have achieved so much! Can't wait to see more!


Thanks for your sweet words! Hope you have a great day & thanks for stopping by!